Fine Art


  • 1992-2002

    The Beginning
    Asaf Amario was born in Israel to a traditional Jewish family, the eldest of four siblings. With unwavering support from his parents he began his artistic training as a child, which continued for many years thereon. Parting from family and familiar customs, Asaf immigrated to the United States as a young adult to become an independent business owner as a painter with customization in focus. It was only there he was able to receive private lessons from accomplished artists and highly accredited educators.
  • 2005

    Honing His Craft
    For over thirty years, Asaf has continually strived to enhance his craft and hone in on his artistic visions. While traveling around the world, he continued to paint as he learned alongside different masters as protege. Asaf's experiences have exposed him to a wide variety of techniques and mediums, which he incorporates into his work.
  • 2012

    The First Series
    Mizmor L'Asaf. Now raising a family of his own, Asaf portrays his journey finding his way back to the purity of Judaism he remembers in his youth. The paintings capture the innocence and the indescribable power of the religion that he hopes his children will one day recognize. The figures depicted capture timeless, intimate moments of prayer. The series includes eighteen paintings, representing the Hebrew word Chai – meaning life. Incorporating realistic images with abstract elements, Mizmor L'Asaf highlights the emotions and the essence enlightenment.
  • 2014

    Having gained credibility and admiration throughout the art world, Asaf has exhibited his work exclusively through private venues in Los Angeles. The highly spiritual and very personal “Mizmor L’Asaf” series is the product of the artist’s most recent expressions.


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The Painter

LA ArtAgency


Asaf will be showcasing for the first time the complete series of Mizmor L'Asaf paintings. The premiere will take place in Malibu at a solo private viewing event on June 4th, 2017 from 4:00 pm to 7:00pm. “I grew up in Israel, and I find myself searching for those indescribable feelings I remember experiencing as a child; these paintings are my tool to recapture them.” - Asaf Amario.

For more information about this private viewing, contact the artist.

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